Owners should amend their LLC business agreement when its terms no longer reflect the responsibilities of their members, business transactions or contributions to assets. Over time, the roles of some owners are likely to change due to growth, offshoring or skills. When the business grows, a more formal, hierarchical structure may be best for day-to-day operations management and long-term development. In addition, some owners may invest additional capital in the business to support operations, and their individual investments must be recognized and protected. As these situations occur, it is necessary to amend the original agreement. 5. On a written request from a person authorized to convene a meeting of members, the Director General immediately informs the voting members that a meeting will be held on a date requested by the person who convened the meeting, at least ten days or more than 60 days after the request has been received.  If the notification is not received within 20 days of receiving the request, the person entitled to the expression of the meeting may communicate the notification or, at the request of that person, the supreme court of the landkreis in which the main institution of the limited liability company is located or, if the main establishment is not located in that state. , the county in which the limited liability company is established in that state. , summarily order notification after notification to the limited liability company, which gives it the opportunity to be heard.

 The procedure under Section 305 Subdivision (c) applies to the application.  The court may issue any appropriate decision, including, but not limited to, an order determining the date and location of the meeting, the date of the minutes for the determination of voting members and the form of the notification. Then you put the draft amendment to the vote of the other members of the LLC. You must comply with all applicable procedural rules of the current enterprise agreement or the LLC`s state law. 2. Any report or notification of a meeting of members is addressed personally, by e-mail by the limited liability company or by mail, or by any other means of written communication addressed in writing to the member registered in the books of the limited liability company or to the member of the limited liability company for the purposes of disclosure , or if an address does not appear or is not indicated, at the location of the head office of the limited liability company, or by publication at least once in a general-circulation newspaper in the landkreis where the main establishment is located.