But as former U.S. Secretary General and Secretary of State Colin Powell likes to say, capital is a coward. It shuns conflict and unpredictability. He hides at every hint of threat. He goes where he is welcomed and allowed to win and grow. The peace agreement must therefore lead to daily peace and order. It has been demonstrated time and time again that the space created through successful peace processes generates positive benefits for the countries concerned. This has led the United Nations to establish the Peacebuilding Commission to seize the opportunities that the international community can seize to help post-conflict societies consolidate profits and prevent conflicts from happening again. According to the United Nations, nine of the world`s ten poorest countries are in conflict or conflict over the past 20 years. There is certainly a link between peace and development. What`s new? One year after taking office, the Bangsamoro Transitional Authority is trying, after a pioneering peace agreement, to create the conditions for regional stability and lasting peace in Muslim Mindanao. In doing so, it faces powerful political clans that could create tensions in the run-up to the 2022 elections. With regard to Islamic schools, at the time of the 1996 agreement, the CCA did not fund Islamic cultural education, although they in principle allowed Islamic cultural issues to be taught as an optional programme in most Muslim areas.

76. The powers and functions of the PNP-Regionalkommandos f-r die Autonomous Region/SRSF, which is exercised in areas covered by the Regional Autonomous Government (RAG), are: (a) the application of all laws and regulations relating to the protection of life and property; B. Maintaining peace and order and putting in place all necessary measures to ensure public safety; investigate and prevent crimes, arrest offenders, bring offenders to justice and assist in prosecuting them; (d) the exercise of general powers to arrest, search and seize in accordance with the Constitution and relevant laws; E.