You cannot exceed a maximum of kilometres in your rental agreement. If you do, you will have to pay an excessive mileage charge of one pence per mile, to be paid for each kilometre you travel beyond the maximum mileage. The pence per mile we apply is shown on your rental agreement. You agree that we can charge you the full fee for the excess kilometres on the payment card you have with the details at the time of booking. We may be able to ensure that the vehicle will be delivered to your UK home or business address. If you request a delivery/delivery point or return point for the vehicle as a centre, we will check and verify your request based on our availability and delivery area (usually 30 minutes from our centre). If the shipping/delivery or return point is in our delivery area, we do not charge any additional charges for the delivery service. An additional fee will be charged if the delivery/delivery or return point is outside our delivery area. The „in zone“ or „out of zone“ collection/delivery or return location will be confirmed to you by email. This confirmation email replaces the place of receipt/delivery or return indicated in your booking confirmation email and in your rental agreement.

Please note that we do not offer delivery for S models. You can request changes to your booking at any time up to two hours before the time you need to pick up the vehicle by contacting us (our details are displayed on your booking confirmation email). If your selected vehicle is available and we are able to respond to your request, we will inform you that the change in your booking is possible and will confirm with you any changes to your rental, including any changes to the fees you must pay for your rent. The revised booking is made at the available prices at the time you request the change to your booking, so you may have to pay more. If you continue to change your booking, you will receive an email confirming the changes to your booking and the revised mandatory and optional fees for your selected vehicle. You will not be charged any administration fee for any changes to your booking. If we discover any further damage to the vehicle on the way back, we will discuss it with you. You will first be charged the total amount of the excess indicated in your rental agreement and you agree that we can calculate this amount from the payment card you provided to us at the time of pickup. If the final amount you have to pay is less than the excess amount paid, we will refund the difference. In the event that our insurer can recover the costs of a third party because the damage is the result of an accident which is proven not your fault, we refund the total amount of the excess paid. For an additional payment, you can further reduce the amount of excess damage you must pay each time you damage the vehicle, it is stolen or cause losses, subject to the exclusions mentioned below and as long as you comply with all applicable laws and conditions. You can add your rental price at any time until you pick up the vehicle, an extended non-collision.

Extended waiver of collision damage is not provided by default and is not automatically included in daily rental fees. You do not have to deprive yourself of an increase in collision damage to rent a vehicle from us. Please read the Damage section below for details of your liability for damage to the vehicle or loss caused during your rental period. This is a time-limited offer. Audi and Audi`s Silvercar reserve the right to modify or cancel the promotional offer at any time.