It is often true that a default is due to the fact that a tenant does not pay the rent when it is necessary to do so under the tenancy agreement. In almost all cases, a tenancy agreement will include an agreement whereby the tenant will have to pay the rent and determine when to be paid. A tenancy agreement should include a clause relating to the right of a landlord to re-enter the premises after a breach of the tenancy agreement by a tenant. A fundamental offence has been described in different ways. Thus it was defined as an offence „which essentially deprives the innocent part of the entire utility of the contract“ or, alternatively, as „an offence that goes to the root of the treaty“. These definitions share similar principles. A major offence is not just a breach of a contractual clause. Moreover, the relative meaning or meaning of the non-violated concept is essential in the context of the agreement as a whole. The nature and purpose of the contract must be taken into account. If a serious offence is found, the party against which the basic offence was committed has the right to treat the contract as if at the end.

If you are a landlord and you find yourself in a situation where you are dealing with a failing tenant, there are a number of procedures to consider: the notification must be correct (both in substance and in form) and be delivered to the tenant in accordance with the requirements of the tenancy agreement. Non-payment of rent: Non-payment of rent is the most common material violation committed by tenants. In such cases, commercial landlords have the option of re-entering the premises and changing the castles, selling the tenant`s property, suing the tenant on the remaining rent payable and terminating the lease. Even if a landlord somehow violates the rental conditions or affects the tenant`s activity, the tenant is generally not entitled to pay the rent. Instead, the tenant can ask the court for a judge to ask the landlord to fulfill the obligations or sue for damages. „The right to reinstate or disintegrate under any condition or disposition in a lease agreement for a breach of an agreement or condition in the lease is not enforceable by deed or by any other means, unless … a landlord must give a tenant a reasonable amount of time to repair the offence.