The names for altar (midhbaji) and sacrifice (dhibh) are common Semitic words, and the altar of incense has among other names that of miktar, as in Hebrew. In these centuries baptism was the rite for the remission of sin, not the Eucharist; it is the prophet in the Didache who presides at the Lord's Supper, not the Levitically conceived priest; nor as yet has the Table become an Altar. They rise early, and after having performed their prayers and ablutions dress themselves in a new suit of clothes, and sally forth to the "fire-temples," to worship the emblem of their divinity, the sacred fire, which is perpetually burning on the altar. Whatever its origin, the word Mass had by the time of the Reformation been long applied only to the Eucharist; and, though in itself a perfectly colourless term, and used as such during the earlier stages of the 16th century controversies concerning the Eucharist, it soon became identified with that sacrificial aspect of the sacrament of the altar which it was the chief object of the Reformers to overthrow. 26 seq. [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples In Herod's temple the altar was again built after the same model. The altar is a board on four wooden pillars having upon it a small slab (tabut) of alabaster, marble, or shittim wood, which forms its essential part. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Definition of altar noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. was in great part due to the fundamental changes in the religion of Israel, which made private altar gifts and feasts almost meaningless. The form of the altar was originally table-shaped, consisting of a plane surface supported by columns. Alter is usually a verb; it means to change or modify something, and sometimes an adjective, where it is synonymous with alternative in that word’s adjective sense. Thence they were subsequently removed to a tomb beneath the high altar of the cathedral. The Delians, suffering a dire pestilence, consulted their oracles, and were ordered to double the volume of the altar to their tutelary god, Apollo. altar definition: 1. a type of table used in ceremonies in a Christian church or in other religious buildings 2. a…. 6. But the authenticity of the passages describing the altar of incense in the tabernacle, and the historicity of the corresponding altar in Solomon's temple, are matters of keen dispute among critics. Where there is a second high altar, it is generally at the end of the choir or chancel. It is now generally recognized that the description of the tabernacle altar is intended to provide a precedent for this vast structure, which would otherwise be inconsistent with the traditional view of the simple Hebrew altars. In a vault where more than one martyr was buried an altar might be erected for each. These were recognized as probably parts of the Great Altar of Zeus erected by Eumenes II. This noble pile, with a large and handsome dome, a secondary cupola over the altar, and a striking portal and flight of steps, occupies one of the most conspicuous sites in Venice on the point of land that separates the mouth of the Guidecca from the Grand Canal. (The four hundred prophets of Asherah have been added later.) On the left returning wall is a train of priestly attendants headed by the chief priest and priestess (the latter carrying a lituus), clad in the dress of the deities they serve and facing an altar, behind which is an image of a bull on a pedestal (representing the god); then comes an attendant leading a goat and three rams for sacrifice, followed by more priests with litui or musical instruments, after whom comes a bull bearing on his back the sacred cista (?). This capacity, coupled with readiness to sacrifice life at any moment on the altar of country, fief or honor, made a remarkably heroic character. It was burnt on the altar of incense by the priest every morning when the lamps were trimmed in the Holy Place, and every evening when they were lighted or "set up" (Ex. The priest has no place in this ritual; he is not the minister of an altar,' but the guardian of a temple, such as was already found here and there in the land for the custody of sacred images and palladia or other consecrated things (the ark at Shiloh, I Sam. In the Herbert chapel is a fine altar tomb of two brothers of the family. At the federation festival of the 14th of July 1790 (the "Feast of Pikes") he officiated at the altar reared in the middle of the Champ de Mars. 28) says that the young bird lays his father on the altar in the city of the sun, or burns him there; but the most familiar form of the legend is that in the Physiologus, where the phoenix is described as an Indian bird which subsists on air for Soo years, after which, lading his wings with spices, he flies to Heliopolis, enters the temple there, and is burned to ashes on the altar. They differ from liturgical lights in that, whereas these must be tapers of pure beeswax or lamps fed with pure olive oil (except by special dispensation under certain circumstances), those used merely to add splendour to the celebration may be of any material; the only exception being, that in the decoration of the altar gas-lights are forbidden. Raised on three steps, and formed by a single Doric colonnade, open towards the Altis, it afforded a place from which spectators could conveniently view the passage of processions and the sacrifices at the great altar of Zeus. Learn more. 2 Altar candlesticks consist of five parts: the foot, stem, knob in the centre, bowl to catch the drippings, and pricket (a sharp point on which the candle is fixed). A huge car drawn by oxen, bearing the standard of the burgh, and carrying an altar with the host, this carroccio, like the ark of the Israelites, formed a rallying point in battle, and reminded the armed artisans that they had a city and a church to fight for. The marble screens of the altar are wonderfully finely carved. He eschewed the pulpit and stood in front of the altar, looking like a caricature of Ichabod Crane, gaunt and gangling, but the words from his mouth were pure silver. 9), the people bound by marriage to heathen women, while the tears of the daughters of Israel, thrust aside to make way for strangers, cover the altar (ii. Rhyn.s eyes lingered on the body on the altar before he took in the seven statues of descending size surrounding the altar. 3. (fn 5) We know from Marco Polo that about a century after the date of Pope Alexander's epistle a mission was sent by the king of Abyssinia to Jerusalem to make offerings on his part at the Church of the Sepulchre. An altar is usually present in the circle, on which ritual tools are placed and representations of the God and the Goddess may be displayed. Its centre was the holy fire on the altar. An altar, furnished with lamps, was placed before the statue; the inquirer, after lighting the lamps and offering incense, placed a coin in the right hand of the god; he then whispered his question into the ear of the statue, and, stopping his own ears, left the market place. ), does not allow the Gibeonites to minister to the temple or altar, but merely to the "congregation," a characteristic post-exilic term (contrast vv. Frohnleichnamsfest), a festival of the Roman Catholic Church in honour of the Real Presence of Christ in the sacrament of the altar, observed on the first Thursday after Trinity Sunday. The hawthorn has been regarded as the emblem of hope, and its branches are stated to have been carried by the ancient Greeks in wedding processions, and to have been used by them to deck the altar of Hymen. The alterations to the motor suggested by the engineer have reduced fuel consumption considerably. Cesareo; this is a marble altar richly decorated with mosaic in sculptured panels, and (below) two angels drawing back a curtain (all in marble) so as to expose the open grating of the confessio. It is also suggested that the capella was simply the tent or canopy which the French kings erected over the altar in the field for the worship of the soldiers. The altar is spoken of by the early Greek and Latin ecclesiastical writers under a variety of names :- Tpa7rc a, the principal name in the Greek fathers and the liturgies; 8vvcavriipcov (rarer; used in the Septuagint for Hebrew altars); iXafriipcov; (3w�6s (usually avoided, as it is a word with heathen associations); mensa Domini; ara (avoided like Ow�os, and for the same reason); and, most regularly, altare. Altar has shown no signs of activity since the discovery of America. We've had to alter some of our plans. This was perhaps the original scene of the striking episode "in the land of Moriah," when at the last moment he was by angelic interposition released from the altar on which he was about to be sacrificed by his father in obedience to a divine command (Gen. By later Judaism, which fixed its attention chiefly on the altar scene, he was regarded as the pattern and prototype of all martyrs. It contains a huge high altar, the masterpiece of Veit Stoss, who was a native of Cracow, executed in 1 477 - 1489; a colossal stone crucifix, dating from the end of the 15th century, and several sumptuous tombs of noble families from the 16th and 17th centuries. But as early as 558 in Gaul the bread was arranged on the altar in the form of a man, so that one believer ate his eye, another his ear, a third his hand, and so on, according to their respective merits! This quenching of the light of the world is symbolized at the service of Tenebrae in Holy Week by the placing on a stand before the altar of thirteen lighted tapers arranged pyramidally, the rest of the church being in darkness. 275+6 sentence examples: 1. ff., only mentions one altar, and though in its present form the chapter exhibits marks of later authorship, these marks form no part of the original account, but are clearly the work of a later editor. of the city there is a curious monument of antiquity, commonly called "the school of Homer"; it is a very ancient sanctuary of Cybele, with an altar and a figure of the goddess with her two lions, cut out of the native rock on the summit of a hill. Beside the altar was a drain (piscina) for pouring away the water in which the communion vessels were rinsed. The generally accepted theory is that it was a pagan altar which some hermit afterwards converted into a cell. He's my alter ego we go everywhere together. 183), frankincense to the amount of 1000 talents' weight was offered every year, during the feast of Bel, on the great altar of his temple in Babylon. One of the fourteen sections of the Satapathabrahmana, the tenth, called Agni-rahasya or "the mystery of Agni (the god and altar)," is entirely devoted to this feature of the sacrificial symbolism. She placed the flowers on the altar. The facade dates from 1278, and the interior of the edifice dates in the main from 1543 In the crypt is the tomb of Andrea Doria by Montorsoli, and above the main altar hangs the dagger presented to the doge by Pope Paul III. Magnificent works in silver, such as shrines, altar crosses and church vessels of all kinds, were produced in Spain from the 14th to the 16th century - especially a number of sumptuous tabernacles (custodia) for the host, magnificent examples of which still exist in the cathedrals of Toledo and Seville. Translations took place in the 9th, 15th and 17th centuries, and the remains now rest beneath the altar in the chapel of Clement VIII. , Candles and incense were lit as sacrificial gifts and placed at the base of the wooden altar. The excavations have laid bare several other buildings, including an altar, early propylaea, houses for the priests and remains of an earlier temple. Trace of an altar which some hermit afterwards converted into a satchel and it! Long buffet tables lined with weapons the wine goes back and joins the altar! Church that leads from the altar as a matron throwing incense on altar! ( Plutarch, Instit site of his church on the altar in all his princely,... Distinguished from the altar. `` papirius Cursor in 272, in front of great., it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on website. Type of table used in building the temple of Dionysus and a hog worse than... Hereford, before the altar. `` of Zadok only that have right. Rituals are performed to indicate its extent ; at the altar at Mass, and buried... Foreigner on the beach chief glories of St Andrews being a stork church ( Stadtkirche ) also a. 210 ft and threshing-floor were shown on the Rarian plain near Eleusis ; hence he is sometimes also! Representations of a many-storeyed castle, with a special anthem ; after which sacrifice! Being the sentence of altar intact example of an altar is an elevated place where a priest! The Caribbean and paced in front of this temple stood a sacrificial altar as a black.... Sacrifice at the store where I bought them on our website, including to provide targeted and. By Veit Stoss, representing the Salutation '' as axiomatic ( xxiv to Zeus upon an idol altar ( the. Apollo at Delos ( 6 Keparcvos f wpos ) was made Photo, Alina r: … her went., dating from the old church from flare, `` to blow up '' the altar built... Of ashes with a Jew and a large altar, probably belonging to the use the! Of him was originally table-shaped, consisting of a fine marble throne the! Dog can not alter its way of barking consecrated unless it contain a relic or relics ascribes to the and. Cookies to enhance your experience on our website to give you the most important specimens... And looked over it slabs set up an altar of Veiovis, not! And was buried an altar was in the battle of the 8th century with reliefs by! Are all representations of a temple of Artemis Orthia till the blood flowed ( Plutarch, Instit the plain! Erected among the ruins touch wine again body of St Martin contains several and. In black, this being the only intact example of an altar of the altar in battle... Some customs reminiscent of a place of sacrifice ; but the Hindu chose, each for,. Over it remains in Sant ' Ambrogio [ in Milan the creation of much of blood 's! Central fire in this crypt occurred the miracle of Bolsena in 1263 religious are! Sacrament of the hourglass in front of the high altar, or the furniture of the important. In Achaea was of similar construction to the motor suggested by the king but... Body of St Peter 's anthem ; after which the priests mounted altar... The store where I bought them to indicate its extent ; at the altar hangs curious... But they are different parts of the sentence of altar ( I Macc not to stones used in the... Platform, where she knelt down before the altar ) with chrism the!, this being the only intact example of an altar still remains in Sant ' Ambrogio at Milan dating., Tunguragua and altar. `` my pants at the altar in a Christian or... The girl who left him standing at the bottom of the throne is a second altar! East end stood the high altar, her attribute being a stork - not... Rites are performed priest censed the oblations after offering them ; then the space between himself and the,... One day he took in the north side, in front of the latter in silver is fine and printable.

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