Another important issue to consider is the impact of a legal termination of a contract on any property owned by the creditor, but owned by the company in the rescue of the business, in accordance with a lease agreement or in some other way. It would appear that, in LA Sport (by 52), the full bank could see that the company in The Rescue of the Business, since the cancellation was valid, was then in illegal possession of the assets and that there would therefore be no prospect that the rescue of the company was successful. No final decision has been taken by the Tribunal on this point or has given details on the matter, and doubts remain as to whether the legal annulment will automatically lead to the illegal possession of the property by the company in the rescue of the company. Therefore, in paragraph 33, Fourie AJA found that the terms „application“ and „cancellation“ are traditionally considered mutually exclusive. „cancellation,“ the termination of obligations between parties to an agreement and cannot be construed as an enforcement action under S 133 (1), as the correct interpretation of S 133 (1) was considered a contextual reference to enforcement action in court proceedings. The suspension of obligations by health professionals, especially the payment of rents, will certainly be a hot topic, as companies will be able to cope with the damage that the blockage has caused (and will continue to cause). This section has been the subject of much discussion within the South African Law Brotherhood, with some corporate doctors arguing in the past that if part of a contract with a company terminated an agreement by rescuing, it would amount to „execution action“. Since an „enforcement measure“ is expressly prohibited against a company as long as the company continues to be the subject of a corporate bailout, such dismissal would be unlawful. Parties trying to get out of contracts with corporate rescue companies have argued otherwise. Section 136 (a) (a) of the Act authorizes the BRP to suspend, for the duration of the company`s rescue procedure, an obligation of the company resulting „a) from an agreement in which the company participated at the beginning of the rescue procedure, in full, in part or under certain conditions during the duration of the rescue procedure and (b) would be due during this procedure.“ Skyline was placed under a corporate bailout and was already behind schedule for monthly payments to Wesbank as part of the deal.