Add your protection to your home with extra refrigerators or air conditioners, pools, spas and more. Call 1-855-256-2467 for help or order more coverage. I was confused to see that similar things were happening with people! I`m in the middle of a battle for reimbursement for the food loss made on my 1 year kenmore Elite from French lg refrigerator! Short version is opened the freezer a nite and all the food has been thawed! The fridge was cold. The next day, make appt, for a week later. Kenmore Elite fridge that had a faulty LG compressor. It took Sears exactly 30 days to make the repairs. Meanwhile, it was necessary to buy another refrigerator because I have a family of four adults and we could not live from a freezer, especially for 30 days. In September, I received a partial food loss check for 290 $US. The fridge went out twice. The first time, my food was refused because he couldn`t find anything, but he had to go back and put up a new board. The repairman filed the requirement for the loss, while here. He gave me a number to call and check the status. I called and they handed me over several times in different departments.

One person said that they had the right and that I was receiving a total loss cheque. Repairman came out yesterday and said the fan was shot down and he had to order another one. He`ll be back in August and put it in. No way to freeze ice or keep food cold. I lost my food for the month. 20.10.2018 In July 2018, I filed an application for food loss for a 33 Cu. Ft. Ask for a supervisor in the executive services.

They told us we could get $150 for a mini fridge or $150 for food loss. We said food loss, and within two weeks, we`re going to get a check. I`m not going to hold my breath. I called and Sears came through one of them told me they had to order a fan and a motherboard. During the time, it took for the pieces of all my frozen food to be spoiled. I called Sear`s warranty service because I paid for a warranty and they advised me to fill out a food loss form, which I did. Since the time I first reported problems with my $3500.00 refrigerator that wasn`t working properly, Sears was at 7 service calls for the same problems. I would try to cash the next chech at Sears Bank, but since I don`t have an account at his bank, I feel sure I can be charged a cashing cheque. So far, I`m over $300 for lost food, $12 in cheque fees reimbursed by my bank, and $1200 for a refrigerator to replace the one-year fridge for which I paid $3,000. My question is: why does sears make controls that they will not honor? After several months without hearing about the warranty service, I contacted her only for her, to tell me that after 30 days, I wait to file my application after the parts have been received and installed, and that the claim has been rejected.

I wrote letters to the CEO and Consumer Relationship about this lemon from a refrigerator just to say that you must have ordered and replaced 4 service calls with parts before they plan to replace the device.