7.2.2. Silicon Labs grants the licensee an indeterminate license, worldwide, non-exclusive, free, free, irrevocably (except as stated in this section) to make the patent license, made, made, to offer, sell, import, and transfer elsewhere, where this license applies only to claims that are granted by Silicon Labs, which are necessarily used by the holder of the Silicon Labs Open Source Code or by the use of the Silicon Labs Open Source Code or by using Silicon Labs Open Source Code Software is hurt. 45-day individual assessment license. This evaluation license governs your use of the products granted. Unless the taker has exported a commercial license with Silicon Labs, the taker is not required to pay royalties or royalties to Silicon Labs, provided the taker complies with the terms of the licenses established there. When the purchaser has exported a commercial licence, the purchaser agrees to pay all the royalties, maintenance and subscription fees described in that commercial license. 5.1.3. to publish documents under licence in a manner that would lead them to be in the public domain or to be subject to the terms of an open source software license; „third-party software“ refers to any software that Silicon Labs has authorized by a third party. Although it does not have to do so, Silicon Labs may, from time to time, introduce updates, updates or new versions of the software. The licensee is not required to download or use updates, updates or new versions of the software; However, if the licensee chooses to do so, licenses granted to the licensee under this Agreement are considered to be such updates, updates and new versions. In the event of errors, improvements, bypasses or corrections made by the licensee to the software, the licensee undertakes to provide Silicon Labs with the source code and documentation required for Silicon Labs free of charge in order to integrate these changes into the Silicon Labs software.

Silicon Labs heresk grants the Licensee a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive and unlimited license for the use of materials granted only under the following conditions: „authorized subcontractor“ refers to a third-party supplier that you have in charge of designing or manufacturing authorized applications and have executed a contract in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, including confidentiality rules.