A dispute is a furious argument or a number of arguments between two or more people. I don`t want to fight with you, but leave, for God`s sake! 1A heated discussion or disagreement, usually on a trivial topic and between people who are usually on a good lifespan. We argued over the food we had to order. After a third attempt, I softened, not a little hurt, I admit, but I`m not the least likely to argue with him. In the dispute between Jackson and John C. Calhoun, Green backed this last point and violently attacked the government through the Telegraph columns. When he remained silent, he realized that the dispute was a metaphor for the Arab-Israeli conflict. They do not use an „argument“ to refer to an incident where people try to hurt each other with their fists or weapons. The word you use is combat. A few customers in the store had arguments with us, so we called for the manager. Goldsmith argued with Dr. Percy on the same subject. We do not disagree with the commission`s findings.

Your quarrel is with recent verbs like Incentivize. Imagine that they started arguing, arguing and killing which piece of pasta art was the best! An example of a dispute is the disagreement between two children over who owns a toy. You can argue with this decision in all sorts of ways, but it is the worker, not the company that gets most of the benefits. The rest of the nation did not participate in the dispute. I share their concerns about the government, but it is not a dispute with our government in Washington. Average English (in the sense of „cause of disagreement with a person“): from the querellit of ancient France, from the querrel (l) Latin a `complaint`, from queri `beschwerde`. A man who killed another in an argument must swear that he did not do so on purpose, and was punished only according to the rank of the deceased. An argument ensued in which Count was so violent that Saint-Simon had to take the teenager out of his house. Then, if you`re traveling with a mate, remember that it`s better to give in a little bit than to argue a lot. Paul also had an argument with England. We temporarily prevented your IP address from accessing Vocabulary.com because we found behavior that was contrary to our terms of use.

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