Companies that license customers to use proprietary software should consider a CLA. These include saaS developers, software developers and mobile app developers. Every software developer needs an end-user license agreement or a C.A. The CLA is a mandatory contract between the developer and the end user who buys, downloads or installs a copy of the product. Since this is a contract, it is legally binding and you must get the approval of an end user. Many form contracts are only included in digital form and are presented to a user only as a click-through that the user must „accept.“ Since the user may only see the agreement after the purchase of the software, these documents may be liability contracts. For example, if you download software from the Internet, the CLA is provided electronically. Also add a link to the installation or download screen to allow users to access the EULA before they actually access your software/application. Note that even if end-users have essential consumer rights, which you cannot „calculate,“ the product is „as it is.“ They do not promise that they will appreciate the application, nor that it will meet all their expectations. Recently, publishers have begun encrypting their software packages to prevent the user from installing the software without accepting the license agreement or violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and foreign counterparts. [Citation required] 3.2 License to government.

When software is licensed pursuant to a proposal or agreement with the U.S. government or on behalf of the U.S. government, The software is commercial software designed exclusively for private costs and (a) if acquired by a civil agency or on behalf of a civil agency, they are subject to the commercial computer software licensing conditions set out in this agreement pursuant to 48 C.R.12.212 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and its successors; or b) if acquired by or on behalf of Ministry of Defence units, they are subject to the commercial licensing conditions of computer software subject to 48 C.F.R 227.7202, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement and their successors. The end user can only download or install the copy of the software if they accept these Terms of Use.